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10 Reasons Why ‘RUSH’ Should Win an Oscar

hemswortgh_648x365_2397271878-heroI think I must have been the last person to watch RUSH. Actually i know I was, i went for the last show on the last day and i’m so thankful that i did. Because to put it simply RUSH IS AWESOME!!! I mean i could barely sit in the car afterwards without wishing for a checkered flag and some mind-melting revs and of course Chris Hemsworth in the driving seat. This movie needs an oscar!!!  

  • Chris Hemsworth strips often.
  • Niki Lauda. Now say the name with an Indian accent. Now imagine that happening throughout the movie.
  • The sounds. Oh my f-in god the revving sounds. I kid you not my panties fell off.
  • The dialogues. The smartass don’t-give-a-fuck repartee.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s blue eyes gleaming with intensity, whether of winning or scoring.
  • That scene where Niki tries to put on his helmet again.
  • The cinematography. The details, the blowing grass, the rain falling in Japan.
  • The whole thing of if he’s good at what he’s paid to do how it matters what his reputation is in other matters.
  • Niki Lauda being the annoying endearing asshole.
  • The car sounds or did I already mention that here?

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12 Fun Things To Do During A Haircut

First Haircut 017

  1. Go for a Halloween special hair cut.
  2. Sing ‘Every night in my dreams I see you’ to your hair dresser from the core of your heart.
  3. Shout Blow j** instead of blow dry.
  4. Stare mindlessly at a cute guy around and then pretend to throw up, every time you make eye contact.
  5. Come, wearing pink shorts and green shoes.
  6.  10 minutes into it, stand up and sing Born Free.
  7. And drink Absinthe in the mean time.
  8. Eye the next woman with fear in your eyes/ shout ‘they are searching for you’.
  9. Make weird expressions in front of the mirror.
  10. Give an OMG-what-happened-to-your-hair expression to the girl beside you.
  11. Wave frantically to every person who enters and exits.
  12. If you see a baby, make her fall in love with Edwards, the guy who has scissors for hands.

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13 Lesser Known Facts About Sachin + Rare Unseen Images


While everyone is going on and on listing the innumerable Cricket records that Sachin Tendulkar holds, let’s face it: they hardly make for good banter over a pitcher of beer. So here’s some lesser known facts for you to go full hipster.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar holds the unique distinction of scoring a century on debut in Ranji Trophy, Irani Cup and Duleep Trophy
  2. Sachin scored a duck on his One Day International debut against Pakistan at Gujranwala on December 18, 1989
  3. Sachin’s first man of the match in a Test was at Manchester in 1990 and he got Magnum champagne bottle as the prize. Sachin preserved it for eight years and finally uncorked it on his daughter Sara’s first birthday.
  4. Sachin is the only batsman to have scored at least two centuries against all other Test playing countries.
  5. Sachin’s record of five test centuries before he turned 20 is a world record, still held by him
  6. Sachin has been dismissed stumped only once in Test matches.
  7. On his ODI debut, Sachin Tendulkar was the second youngest debutant at 16 years 238 days.
  8. Sachin Tendulkar is the only Indian to find a place in Wisden’s all-time World XI  
  9. Sachin bats right-handed, bowls with his right-arm, but writes with his left hand
  10. Sachin  Tendulkar appeared in an Australian reality television series ‘An Aussie Goes Bolly’ on FOX8 channel in 2008.
  11. Sachin Tendulkar was the first batsman to be given out by the Third-umpire.
  12. Sachin Tendulkar was most fascinated by band-aids. A hint of a wound and he would plaster it all over the injury.
  13. In his last game across different formats (Tests, ODIs, T20Is, IPL, CLT20, Ranji Trophy) Sachin has ended on the winning side.
Written by Akshat Anand. Writer by choice, lawyer by profession, you can follow him at https://www.facebook.com/anandakshat where he updates his status with hashtags every time Sachin scores a run (now defunct, sadly), or you can reach him through his email at akshatanand@gmail.com where you can tell him how you’re planning to be the next Sachin Tendulkar.
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5 Signs You’re a Shopaholic

Shopping is something all of us indulge in. However, there are two categories of shoppers. One-People who shop only when required. And the second category – Shopaholics – people who love to shop. Whether necessary or not, all they want to do is shop. Shopping, as if is the sole purpose of their lives. Here’s 5 symptoms you’re one from the second category:

1-You find shopping irresistible 1

If a mere look at thathot new collection of clothes and accessories in your favourite brand storegives your body a sudden adrenaline rush. If it makes you all high and crazy and it becomes totally impossible for you to resist spending your cash on them -then you probably are a member of the shopaholic community.

You already start imagining yourself in those clothes or with those accessories on. This not only makes you even more excited but also desperate to the point you don’t evenbother to have a look at the price tag and all you want to do is shop, shop and shop-NO MATTER WHAT!

2- Saving is not your cup of tea 2

Money and Wallet- two things that are supposed to be together.But that’s not the case with you, is it?

If you want cash to be spent the moment it enters your wallet – you’re a shopaholic. You are absolutely incapable of putting some money in for your savings. Saving is SIMPLY NOT your thing and even if you have important investments to make you prefer spending on the not-so-essential items – simply because they make you happy.

3-Shopping lightens up your mood like nothing else 3

Say you had a busy day full of engaging activities at your workplace – you’re left with a heavy head burdened with stress. Is shopping the only escape you can think of? You’ve got to admit – you are a shopaholic! A big time shopaholic!

Shopping takes your mind to an altogether different worldof dreams where life is happy and beautiful- it helps you attain mental peace like nothing else on this planet.

I know that feel bro!

4-You can’t keep an account of the stuff you buy 4

One fine day while setting up your closet, if you find stuff you didn’t even remember – or stuff which you have never used (maybe kept with their price tag on) – you surely are a shopaholic. You definitely indulge in shopping which is just not required and buy stuff just because it pleases you.

5- You indulge in impulsive shopping 5

Impulse-ridden shopping is one of the common traits observed in shopaholics.

You went to hang out with your friends or went for a movie show with absolutely no plans of shopping, but out of nowhere you have this intense urge to shop like crazy and you end up emptying half your wallet. If you identify with it then there is no doubt – you’re one hell of a shopaholic.

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Filmy Flashback: Chennai Express Derailed; Audiences’ Brains Injured


Since several years, there has been one pertinent question in Indian culture that everyone wants the answer to – Who will win this year’s IPL? But never mind that. There’s another important question that everyone wants answered – What happens after death? Well, I found out after watching this abomination of a movie. I stared at the face of death, probably went to the other side for a couple of seconds and came back. And it wasn’t pretty.

Let’s start from the beginning. Of the film. So, 40-odd years old  orphan Rahul’s (SRK) 99-years old grandfather dies when he sees Sachin get out on 99. If that was the reason for his death, he should’ve died twice before (yes, I googled it). But moving on. Rahul promises his grandmother that he’ll float the ashes in some random village in South India, but instead plans to go off to Goa. I’m guessing his membership at a resort there is about to expire. Or maybe he has a complimentary massage coupon or something. Or, taking a cue from Shah Rukh Khan’s real life, maybe he has to perform at some rich industrialist’s wedding. So, to fool the old lady, he actually has to get on some random train (called Chennai Express; hence the idiotic title), rather than bidding her adieu from home. Terrific. But as he’s about to get off from the train to meet his friends, running comes Meena (Deepika Padukone). Cue DDLJ music and he gives her his hand to get on the train. There are many other such self-referential bullshit moments in this film, but for the sake of my own sanity, I shall not discuss it.

So, the girl is in the process of getting kidnapped by her father’s men, who is a Don in South India. Rahul also gets kidnapped in the process and gets taken to South India, where everyone speaks like they’re saying “Herpes Herpes Herpes” on repeat mode. Through voice-over narration, he tells us how scared he is and says dialogues like “agar iski izzat ka sawaal hai, toh yeh meri izzat utaarne kyu aa raha hai.” At that point, I wished that this film would turn into the film “Barfi!” so that he would just shut the fuck up. Anyway, the girl lies to her father that she  and Rahul are in love, because that’s exactly what you want to do with a Don – blatantly lie to his face. So, after a scene involving drug smuggling to Sri Lanka that was so bad that I actually got up and repeatedly smashed my head against the wall, the two pretend-lovers escape.

When I had first heard that Rohit Shetty’s next film was called Chennai Express, the first thing that I thought was “he’s crazy, he’s gonna blow up a train this time”. Then I thought, “what if the train came down and fell on top of Shah Rukh Khan? That’s not such a bad idea”. Sadly, nothing of this sort happens. Instead, multiple cars are blown up once again. Car stunts in Rohit Shetty films are like Mallika Sherawat belly dancing in “Maiyya Maiyya”: they have no idea what they’re doing and they look amateurish, but they’re doing it anyway.

By now, I begin to think of other things I could’ve been doing that would’ve been preferable to watching this snooze-fest. I could’ve had a crow crap all over me than watch this piece of crap. I could’ve plucked my hair out each strand at a time for 2.5 hours instead. I could’ve put my hand through a fan and that would’ve hurt less. But thankfully, after a couple of compulsory romantic songs and heroic speeches and a spiritual awakening, we finally get to the climax of the film. Here, Rahul gets beaten to a pulp by our villain who, judging by his lack of expressions, also plays the role of a tree trunk in the background. Such a hardworking guy. But after getting beat-up enough to evoke audience sympathy and make the heroine scream like she’s being molested, Rahul then turns into his superhero character from “Ra.One” and beats the shit out of the villain.

After having seen Shah Rukh ham so much that you could make a sandwich out of it, and just when the end credits start to roll and you finally think that your nightmare is over, “Rohit Shetty and Team” have other plans. On comes Honey Singh’s “Lungi Dance”. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s “Yo Yo” Honey Singh; no offence to his “fans”, or as we normal people like to call them, “mentally challenged Yo-tards”. Right then, I felt that after being continually stabbed for about 2.5 hours, I finally got shot through the head for a much-welcomed death. Or maybe that after ordering an expensive hooker and playing antakshari with her all night, she finally slapped me in the face, spit on me and left. Or…. I’m running out of analogies, but I think you got the point. What is ironical, though, is that after having cried throughout the length of a comedy film and not having gotten a chance to even smile once, I get an innocent text from a friend of mine soon after and I fall off my seat laughing.

I can’t sum this film up better than by borrowing a dialogue from a very good Shah Rukh Khan movie “Om Shanti Om”. Anytime you see Chennai Express playing anywhere, you should go “Bhaagoooo! Bhaagoooo!”. As for what happens after deateh, I think I saw the Devil making people watch “Don 2″ as a punishment for their sins. The poor souls were screaming as hell. I hope they rest in peace.

Rating: 3/10

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5 Great Sentences From The Congress Supremo, Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Some of the brilliant things said by the Vice President of the Indian National Congress. Before you read any further, the author would like to tell you that Mr Rahul Gandhi has done hi M.Phil. from Trinity College, Cambridge and BA from Rollins College. Hence we know that he is thoroughly educated and still he can produce great statements like these:

1) Politics is everywhere, it’s in your shirt, and it’s in your pants. 

Yes Mr Rahul Gandhi. I can see my sweat beads contesting elections for the various areas of my body to decide which side of my shirt and pant will each party wet and for how long.

2) Rani ki Jhansi. She is a hero. 

Poor Jhansi ki Rani would have been rolling in her grave right now. The amounts of bravery she had shown during her time was huge. And here Respected Rahul Gandhi has addressed to her as a Rani ki Jhansi.

3) Hindustan eksochhai….Hindustan ekjagahhai….magar Hindustan eksochhai.

I don’t even have the words to describe what he said. Poor oratory skills Mr.Rahul Gandhi.

4) Poverty is a state of mind. If you have confidence you will overcome it. 

This is such a disgrace and demeaning to all those poor people of India. They work hard for each and every day of their lives trying to secure at least two square meals a day, while Mr Rahul Gandhi here lavishes at home with at least a dozen servants waiting for him to order his delicacies.

5) India is bigger than Europe and United States put together. 

I think Mr Gandhi did not do very well in his Geography exams. India is smaller than United States and Europe separately and here he talks about India being bigger than both combined.

Well what can we say Mr Gandhi; Such statements and such speeches not only give people a chance to make jokes on you, they also make your weaker and kind of stupid side come out into the public. You are one of the very few “youth” politicians in our country and when such words are spoken not only we lose our hope in the politics of India but your party is portrayed as a narcissistic party without any qualms for all the damage that has been done to the country and blatantly speaking nonsense out in the open, even after knowing that the actual youth of India is now awakened and does know what is going on and is not oblivious to all your wrongdoings.

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10 Reasons Lana Del Rey is Amazing

#1. Her beautiful, sophisticated old Hollywood look. 1) Her beautiful, sophisticated old Hollywood look

If you showed a picture of her to someone who didn’t know who she is, I am sure nine out of ten people would peg her to be a star or a First Lady from the fifties. The winged eye liner, pouty lips, bouffant… what’s not to love?

#2. Despite being sophisticated, she can be so cute! 2) Despite being sophisticated, she can be so cute!

Lana has shown glimpses of a playful, real side of herself often during performances with little expressions and gestures. She is known for being nervous before big performances even though she is so famous. This makes her even more beautiful because it shows that there is a real person under all the glamour, and this only makes her fans adore her even more. Oh, and one of her alter egos is “Sparkle Jump Rope Queen”– how much cuter can she get?

#3. She’s badass. 3) She's badass

So we already covered sophisticated and cute. Turns out she oozes coolness too.  Word on the block is, she is also known as Gangster B***h in musical circles.

#4.The fame hasn’t gone to her head. 4) The fame hasn't gone to her head

Lana’s music has already gone platinum in her relatively short professional music career. She has millions of fans around the world. Her concerts get sold out in the blink of an eye. And yet, she remains one of the humblest celebrities in Hollywood.
She is known to regularly interact with her fans around shows as well as otherwise. And she always looks genuinely thrilled to pieces to meet them!

#5. Her music comes from the heart. 5) Her music comes from the heart

From various different interviews about her music (all of which she writes by herself) it is readily apparent that all of it is written by drawing on personal experiences. It’s easy to see the personal nature of her music by the numerous occasions and how emotional she sometimes gets while performing.
In the artist’s own words, “I never say anything just to rhyme over sugary pop songs. I really care about documenting my life in a musical fashion.”

#6. Her amazing voice. 7) Her lyrics and videos are super creative

Lana Del Rey’s voice is quite unlike any other singer’s. A person who has heard a couple of songs can instantly tell if a Lana number comes on the radio. Husky and passionate, this lovely singer’s voice is a treat for the ears.

#7. Her lyrics and videosare super creative. 6) Her amazing voice

Her lyrics are poignant and unique, and her videos creative.Her music videos are aesthetically brilliant while also being poetic, symbolic, and effectively conveying the emotion of the song.

#8. Her hands. 8) Her hands

Now, hold up before you label me a freak, and take a look for yourself. She has really pretty fingers, doesn’t she?! And that tattoo and those nails are so funky and edgy.

#9. She loves her country. 9) She loves her country

An unusual trait among show biz celebs – she is very patriotic. This American singer incorporates strong themes of her homeland in various songs of hers.
She has also included the American flag in her music videos, and in several photographs and photoshoots.
She has also sported different outfits with an American flag pattern between her 2008 days as a stage performer to now as an international star.

#10. Her overall goddess-like aura. 10) Her overall goddess-like aura

That ethereal beauty – not just physical, but in every aspect.

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7 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

1. Mt. Everest Standards MT-EVEREST-FINAL

Like the mountain, the peak of it is difficult to reach. Remember that they are also people and not demigods. If you want to find him/her, don’t look in the sky, but try to find them on the land.

2. Rom-Com Fanatics 4339702979_24e750dd65_z

You think that true love waits and destiny itself will find the way for the two of you to meet and get together. It MIGHT be possible but PROBABLY not. If you want to see him/her, go out, explore! Don’t just wait in a corner of the house…and remember that half of the population is your RIVAL!

3. You’re not ready to settle/scared of commitment 

You’re too scared to commit/enter a relationship. You want to experience it and yet you are never prepared for it.

4. You’re looking for Mr/Miss Perfect 7764035184_7daa0374fd_z

Nobody is perfect. Even you, you are not perfect. This is just a commercial term being imposed by movie makers to attract viewers – it’s all about FICTION. Everyone has flaws. If you insist to believe that, be ready to be single forever.

5. You don’t have the initiative

Don’t wait. Do something about it. Show your intention and express your feelings. Nothing will happen without doing anything. A relationship is formed through mutual efforts – it’s a two way process.

6. You’re too much to handle 7932506788_68b31b00f5_z

Men like women who are vulnerable sometimes, like a damsel in distress. They want to be your knight in the shining armor than you can lean and depend on. They don’t like a SUPERWOMAN who can literally do everything!

7. Mirror, mirror! 4472514575_672edff3a3

And at last, when you are tired thinking of the reason which suits you, try and go in front of the mirror and look at your reflection. The definitely you will find the answer WHY YOU’RE STILL SINGLE!

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Typical Story Of A 20 Something IT Guy


Fresh from college, we join some IT-major, hoping of earning big bucks, having a good life, give it out everything for the first two years. And THEN, things start to change.

The rebel is…reborn!

After toiling for many months, crisis kicks in. Life has headed in a never ending tunnel, with people ending up at crossroads. Everything becomes confusing and meaningless all of a sudden.

People who had a fun/wild time in college start reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Friends are getting older, old girlfriends are getting married, life is changing. And then rebel is reborn. You buy the coolest, most expensive motorcycle in town. Frontiers never explored become the next destination. Now, 2 years down the line, riding the bike in lashing rains, a car seems to be a better option. Hell, even the Maruti 800 would do!

Digital cameras!

Super expensive, easy EMI Schemes, and a sudden craving of change makes most of us fantasize about owning that super cam. You have an idea which you want to capture via the lenses. For weeks and months you take suggestions from every moving thing and then settle on that one piece.

And then it begins. You start taking pictures, spam your friends’ FB walls with the status “My first Photos with my brand new camera”. And the certain people who used to like your pictures before, even they start to ignore you.

Like being the rebel experiment, even this on fizzles out.


Some of us keep on rediscovering the love of alcohol. This liquid beauty keeps on adding meaning to life and purpose to weekends. Saturdays become exciting. Pub hopping starts and the dreadful combo of increasing prices combined with rising monthly EMI payments on costly with near stagnant salary eat into the Pub hopping budget. And suddenly, house parties seem to be a better option.

Lets get married!

So you are in a stable relationship for quite some time now, and think you have finally found your soulmate. Yet, you barely make enough to sustain yourself, yet she is mulling over marriage. Not to forget those over enthusiastic relatives who want to write your fate and destiny at every point, asking the same question every time they see you.

You keep stalling her, and then before you know it, she is gone. She stops replying to the messages, stops responding to the calls, cuts off all communication and you get to know from a friend of a friend that she is getting engaged next week. It all finally makes sense. Everything you had imagined…has not disappeared.

Suddenly, the coolest motorbike, the super expensive digital camera, the brand new car seems pointless. You are 24 and lost.

Back to basics: Lets study!

Now that you have experienced almost everything (or as you claim), life has become truly uninteresting. You are 26 now, your girlfriend has either left you or never had one. You are doing the same boring work for the past 3 years. Nothing excites you anymore. The EMI has expired and the camera is now safely locked in the cupboard. Turns out, everyone 2nd person is now a photographer, and you weren’t a great artist anyway!

Time for something new – Time to do MBA from the US!

The monotony of life is unbearable. And then it hit you as well. You dream of dating white chicks, clubbing in Germany…basically getting away from everything where you currently are. You want something new in life, and MBA is a perfect choice. Not only you get a degree out of it, but also a chance to settle in a new country.

Start studying for GMAT, learning by-heart the meaning of every single word in the English language. It’s either the MBA, or you threaten quitting if your project doesn’t initiates the H1B. “Onsite, here I come!”

Fast forward 6 months, and you miss everything about home. The home made coffee, your friends talking total nonsense after getting pissed drunk in a local bar, the roads of Delhi…The list keeps on expanding as long as you stay in Phoren.

Everything has changed!

You come home after 2 years of Phoren to see how almost everything has changed. Your anaemic friend is fat; your fat friend is thin. The guy who didn’t have an ounce of hair on his face now sports a beard…Huh?!

Some of your friends are married. In one extreme case, they have already had kids! “How can a guy who behaved like a kid when I left, have one?”

“Ok, I’ve tried to accomplish everything what I wanted. I’ve succeeded in some, failed in some. I am running out of ideas. Lets just say yes to Mom… Lets get married”

Like any other night, you are skyping with Mom and Dad. They suggest marriage, You say no and that ends here. You get up, and head to work. They go back to sleep. Next day the insistence is a little more stronger. And more the following day. The day after that…you finally succumb to the parental pressure and say, “yes”.

You have seen the world, have met new people and are now pessimistic about Arranged Marriage. But…there is no option. You are in Amreeka, you can’t find a decent Indian Girl there of your caste who meets your long list of parameters of a perfect woman.

And then, you actually get married to someone who was a complete stranger only 6 months ago. Your life changes forever.

…And this is how the 20s come to an end.

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