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I think I must have been the last person to watch RUSH. Actually i know I was, i went for the last show on the last day and i’m so thankful that i did. Because to put it simply RUSH IS AWESOME!!! I mean i could barely sit in the car afterwards without wishing for a checkered flag and some mind-melting revs and of course Chris Hemsworth in the driving seat. This movie needs an oscar!!!   Chris Hemsworth strips often. Niki Lauda. Now say the name with an Indian accent. Now imagine that happening throughout the movie. The sounds. Oh...

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Go for a Halloween special hair cut. Sing ‘Every night in my dreams I see you’ to your hair dresser from the core of your heart. Shout Blow j** instead of blow dry. Stare mindlessly at a cute guy around and then pretend to throw up, every time you make eye contact. Come, wearing pink shorts and green shoes.  10 minutes into it, stand up and sing Born Free. And drink Absinthe in the mean time. Eye the next woman with fear in your eyes/ shout ‘they are searching for you’. Make weird expressions in front of the mirror. Give...

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While everyone is going on and on listing the innumerable Cricket records that Sachin Tendulkar holds, let’s face it: they hardly make for good banter over a pitcher of beer. So here’s some lesser known facts for you to go full hipster. Sachin Tendulkar holds the unique distinction of scoring a century on debut in Ranji Trophy, Irani Cup and Duleep Trophy Sachin scored a duck on his One Day International debut against Pakistan at Gujranwala on December 18, 1989 Sachin’s first man of the match in a Test was at Manchester in 1990 and he got Magnum champagne bottle...

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Shopping is something all of us indulge in. However, there are two categories of shoppers. One-People who shop only when required. And the second category – Shopaholics – people who love to shop. Whether necessary or not, all they want to do is shop. Shopping, as if is the sole purpose of their lives. Here’s 5 symptoms you’re one from the second category: 1-You find shopping irresistible  If a mere look at thathot new collection of clothes and accessories in your favourite brand storegives your body a sudden adrenaline rush. If it makes you all high and crazy and it...

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