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10 Reasons Why ‘RUSH’ Should Win an Oscar

hemswortgh_648x365_2397271878-heroI think I must have been the last person to watch RUSH. Actually i know I was, i went for the last show on the last day and i’m so thankful that i did. Because to put it simply RUSH IS AWESOME!!! I mean i could barely sit in the car afterwards without wishing for a checkered flag and some mind-melting revs and of course Chris Hemsworth in the driving seat. This movie needs an oscar!!!  

  • Chris Hemsworth strips often.
  • Niki Lauda. Now say the name with an Indian accent. Now imagine that happening throughout the movie.
  • The sounds. Oh my f-in god the revving sounds. I kid you not my panties fell off.
  • The dialogues. The smartass don’t-give-a-fuck repartee.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s blue eyes gleaming with intensity, whether of winning or scoring.
  • That scene where Niki tries to put on his helmet again.
  • The cinematography. The details, the blowing grass, the rain falling in Japan.
  • The whole thing of if he’s good at what he’s paid to do how it matters what his reputation is in other matters.
  • Niki Lauda being the annoying endearing asshole.
  • The car sounds or did I already mention that here?

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  • Ravi

    Amazing movie… and maybe we’ll have to debate on who saw it last… amazing cinematography, makes u jump of yer seat with excitement.. and ive never watched a true story-based movie that really like a movie itself… the drama, action, rubber burnin, metal crashin, bones breaking… the golden age of F1 trumps the present era HANDS DOWN

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