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12 Fun Things To Do During A Haircut

First Haircut 017

  1. Go for a Halloween special hair cut.
  2. Sing ‘Every night in my dreams I see you’ to your hair dresser from the core of your heart.
  3. Shout Blow j** instead of blow dry.
  4. Stare mindlessly at a cute guy around and then pretend to throw up, every time you make eye contact.
  5. Come, wearing pink shorts and green shoes.
  6.  10 minutes into it, stand up and sing Born Free.
  7. And drink Absinthe in the mean time.
  8. Eye the next woman with fear in your eyes/ shout ‘they are searching for you’.
  9. Make weird expressions in front of the mirror.
  10. Give an OMG-what-happened-to-your-hair expression to the girl beside you.
  11. Wave frantically to every person who enters and exits.
  12. If you see a baby, make her fall in love with Edwards, the guy who has scissors for hands.

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