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5 Signs You’re a Shopaholic

Shopping is something all of us indulge in. However, there are two categories of shoppers. One-People who shop only when required. And the second category – Shopaholics – people who love to shop. Whether necessary or not, all they want to do is shop. Shopping, as if is the sole purpose of their lives. Here’s 5 symptoms you’re one from the second category:

1-You find shopping irresistible 1

If a mere look at thathot new collection of clothes and accessories in your favourite brand storegives your body a sudden adrenaline rush. If it makes you all high and crazy and it becomes totally impossible for you to resist spending your cash on them -then you probably are a member of the shopaholic community.

You already start imagining yourself in those clothes or with those accessories on. This not only makes you even more excited but also desperate to the point you don’t evenbother to have a look at the price tag and all you want to do is shop, shop and shop-NO MATTER WHAT!

2- Saving is not your cup of tea 2

Money and Wallet- two things that are supposed to be together.But that’s not the case with you, is it?

If you want cash to be spent the moment it enters your wallet – you’re a shopaholic. You are absolutely incapable of putting some money in for your savings. Saving is SIMPLY NOT your thing and even if you have important investments to make you prefer spending on the not-so-essential items – simply because they make you happy.

3-Shopping lightens up your mood like nothing else 3

Say you had a busy day full of engaging activities at your workplace – you’re left with a heavy head burdened with stress. Is shopping the only escape you can think of? You’ve got to admit – you are a shopaholic! A big time shopaholic!

Shopping takes your mind to an altogether different worldof dreams where life is happy and beautiful- it helps you attain mental peace like nothing else on this planet.

I know that feel bro!

4-You can’t keep an account of the stuff you buy 4

One fine day while setting up your closet, if you find stuff you didn’t even remember – or stuff which you have never used (maybe kept with their price tag on) – you surely are a shopaholic. You definitely indulge in shopping which is just not required and buy stuff just because it pleases you.

5- You indulge in impulsive shopping 5

Impulse-ridden shopping is one of the common traits observed in shopaholics.

You went to hang out with your friends or went for a movie show with absolutely no plans of shopping, but out of nowhere you have this intense urge to shop like crazy and you end up emptying half your wallet. If you identify with it then there is no doubt – you’re one hell of a shopaholic.

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