Uttarakhand Relief

What would it feel like to watch your world collapse before your eyes?
Our brethren in Uttarakhand are going through worse. Plagued by one of the worst floods in the history of our nation, thousands are believed to have died, several thousands are missing, and over one lakh people have been evacuated from affected areas and moved to camps with limited supplies.
As the Uttarakhand government struggles to help the refugees rebuild their lives, we have initiated a "Support Uttarakhand" movement that aims to implement a few easy and cost-effective ideas that YOU suggest and could possibly contribute to the welfare of those struggling in Uttarakhand. Brainstorm, surf, talk, sing, or dance, contemplate on their dark lives and the light you'd love to shed on them, and send us your ideas.
Every rupee spent on these posters will be channeled directly to the refugees. Let's join hands and make use of an opportunity that would cost you just a little money and a few minutes out of your busy schedules. 
Let's join hands for a better tomorrow. Let's hold hands with Uttarakhand.
Let's Support Uttarakhand! A Push Communications & PosterGully initiative