Join Us As A Campuspreneur

Who is a Campuspreneur?

A Campuspreneur is a leader, marketer, networker, sales-booster; organizer and brand advocate, all built in one. The best job in PosterGully is to be the wine and beer taster (Don’t be surprised…we do, at all times, stock the finest booze for the finest moments). The next best thing is to fine tune the clockwork that makes Poster gully tick even in times of adversity. If Poster gully was a medieval empire, we would have been aiming to recruit a wise, wily ‘General’ via this post or……. if we were a football club we would have been wanting the next Sir Alex….Alas, we are none! But we are still putting out this post for General Sir Alex Ferguson ….wily, sharp, bold and someone who loves to kick some ass for our company PosterGully which aims to help the most reputed brands monetize through merchandise.

What will you do?

• Primary point of contact with college management
• Publicize & organize events, promote PosterGully in the campus & college festivals.
• Provide us with the list of email IDs or any excel files of participants, winners, organizers of 
• Improving the brand outreach and footprint
• Handling social media marketing
• Creative marketing ideas/sessions that unite best designers on campus
• Organizing on-campus events aimed at mutual benefit for PosterGully and the student 
• Bit of content creation
• Building and leading focus groups on campus to achieve the above objectives

Who should apply?

Any undergraduate or graduate student from any college/university may apply.
An ideal candidate has the following qualifications

• An outgoing, ambitious, self-directing & has professionalism
• Experience in marketing, social media, organizing, business or entrepreneurship
• Aptitude for problem solving and the ‘start up’ outlook
• Enthusiasts with exemplary networking skills• Good orator, have that extra edge to take up the responsibility
• Should be aware and up-to date with the trending products at
• Recruitment activities on campus

How does the program work?

The selected envoys in a particular metropolitan area will be teamed together in a focus group and put in touch with a coordinator. The first two weeks will involve team work within the focus group, deliberations, mentoring, brainstorming sessions, calls etc. all culminating in a plan. Next is execution where skills and application will be thoroughly put to test.

What do I get?

We at PosterGully have put in place a rigorous method of performance appraisal. Monetary rewards are merit based and given out twice every semester to the top ranked ambassadors in the country. Candidates with the best cumulative scores at the close of the semester shall be offered full time internships in close touch with core team at PosterGully giving him/her a chance to gaze upon the complex systems and technology making things work in the company.

Plus, every selected Campuspreneur receives training in marketing, sales, leadership and direct interaction with the top executives at PosterGully. Besides, experience certificates are given out at the end of every Campuspreneur’s tenure.

We don’t want to let our best people go; therefore the top performing Campuspreneurs shall be offered full time employment upon graduation.

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