FAQs | Project MonkeyGuitar

What the Faq?

Q: How do contributors get paid?
A:  Here's how you get paid. Your monthly design revenue is tracked and shared with you and the revenue percentage is transferred into your bank account fortnightly/monthly.

Q: Do I retain the rights to my own file?
A: Yes, it’s your file. We just provide a venue to sell it.

Q: Can my payment rate ever go down?
A: Nope, your payment rate will never go down, regardless of sales volume. It will definitely go up though, depending on the no. of deigns submitted and sales volume. 

Q: Are files reviewed or will you accept anything?
A: Each file goes through a rigorous reviewing process to make sure the quality is top notch. That’s why so many buyers choose our marketplaces over those that accept lower quality files.

Q: Is exclusivity based on the author or the individual file? Meaning, could I sell one file here and sell a completely different one on my own site?
A: Exclusivity is on a per file basis so yes, as long as the files are completely different, you could sell one here and one on your site.

Q: Who is responsible for copyright violations in files I’ve submitted?
A: As the contributor, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re not violating anyone’s copyright by uploading your file. If you’re unsure if you’re allowed to use an asset within your file, ask the asset’s owner or a lawyer.

Q: Who determines the price of my file?
A: All files are priced by PosterGully and its staff, to ensure prices consistently reflect factors such as quality, complexity, potential demand and licence type.

Q: Am I required to support the files I upload?
A: Providing support is a great way to ensure repeat business from buyers, but no, it’s not required unless the file is actually broken.

Q: Are there file types that you already have plenty of that you no longer accept?
A: If a category is over saturated  that just means the quality standards go up. You’ll have to give it a unique spin or make it much nicer looking for it to be approved.

If you still have any queries, feel free to buzz us at help@postergully.com or call us at 011.40502860