Know Us Better!


99% of the time we're thinking
blah, huh, why, WTF, food and computers.
The other 1% we click pictures.


Passion: We strongly believe that passion for what you do and happiness in the workplace leads to higher productivity, fewer workplace problems, and a higher quality of work. We adore companies such as Zappos and Rackspace for this.

Transparency: Being genuine and transparent, both internally and externally, is a tenet that’s embedded in our daily routine. This not only results in happier, more motivated employees but also fosters creativity.

Intolerance for Mediocrity: Everyone pulls their weight well at all levels; there is excellence in each role and we naturally weed out those who aren't comfortable excelling.

Regular Collaborative Feedback: We are big fans of agile processes. We've adopted feedback systems driving employee engagement and development. Most team members crave feedback and really want to know how they are doing, but traditional performance management systems typically don't work.

Customer Obsessed: The customer is always our most important asset. Actually this may be the most important characteristic of our company. We truly believe that our customers’ happiness will make or break our business, so a customer-first focus should is at the center of everything we do.


Hustle: We have an ownership mentality; always going the extra mile, doing whatever is necessary to complete the task at hand. We love working in a highly cross-functional and collaborative way, with as little hierarchy as possible. Our aim is to get out of the way as much as possible for people to actually get the job done, whether it’s a coder or a business developer.

No Cabins: Our open office gives a positive feel to all the members and fosters a super collaborative environment. Moreover, our tech+design+content sits out of a visually transparent office.

No Bosses: We love the fact that we are as autonomous as one can be - we own what we do. This hack encourages all of us to be creative, productive and efficient.

No Politics: We give credit where credit is due.

Beyond Work: Company-wide huddles over tech updates, cricket matches, celebrity customers- keeps everyone in the loop, even if they might not have been directly involved with that project.