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1. Mt. Everest Standards  Like the mountain, the peak of it is difficult to reach. Remember that they are also people and not demigods. If you want to find him/her, don’t look in the sky, but try to find them on the land. 2. Rom-Com Fanatics  You think that true love waits and destiny itself will find the way for the two of you to meet and get together. It MIGHT be possible but PROBABLY not. If you want to see him/her, go out, explore! Don’t just wait in a corner of the house…and remember that half of the population...

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Fresh from college, we join some IT-major, hoping of earning big bucks, having a good life, give it out everything for the first two years. And THEN, things start to change. The rebel is…reborn! After toiling for many months, crisis kicks in. Life has headed in a never ending tunnel, with people ending up at crossroads. Everything becomes confusing and meaningless all of a sudden. People who had a fun/wild time in college start reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Friends are getting older, old girlfriends are getting married, life is changing. And then rebel is reborn. You buy the...

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