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Shopping is something all of us indulge in. However, there are two categories of shoppers. One-People who shop only when required. And the second category – Shopaholics – people who love to shop. Whether necessary or not, all they want to do is shop. Shopping, as if is the sole purpose of their lives. Here’s 5 symptoms you’re one from the second category: 1-You find shopping irresistible  If a mere look at thathot new collection of clothes and accessories in your favourite brand storegives your body a sudden adrenaline rush. If it makes you all high and crazy and it...

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  Why do people buy brand merchandise? There can be many versions to this, but simply put the answer is that we have an emotional connection with so many brands throughout our lives & sometimes its just extension of our personality. Its a way of communicating our likes and dislikes to the rest of the world. Its to remind us of who we are and what we’re here to do. At PosterGully we understand this. We make merchandise because we understand how important they are for you. We love what we do, and our only motive is YOU. Cricket fanatic?...

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