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Some of the brilliant things said by the Vice President of the Indian National Congress. Before you read any further, the author would like to tell you that Mr Rahul Gandhi has done hi M.Phil. from Trinity College, Cambridge and BA from Rollins College. Hence we know that he is thoroughly educated and still he can produce great statements like these: 1) Politics is everywhere, it’s in your shirt, and it’s in your pants.  Yes Mr Rahul Gandhi. I can see my sweat beads contesting elections for the various areas of my body to decide which side of my shirt and...

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In the days before the Internet, before social media, before one-to-many interaction was put at the fingertips of anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account, the statement that summed up the thoughts of the silent majority was: ‘I can’t make a difference, so I’m not going to try.’ Now, though, there is a feeling that, with the right content, one person can make a difference – thanks to the reach of social media. It’s a theory the Kony 2012 film put to the test. It’s a theory the spread of anti-government uprisings throughout the Middle East has affirmed. And it’s...

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