Top Tips To Consider When Shopping for Posters and Art Prints Online

Top Tips To Consider When Shopping for Posters and Art Prints Online

In our previous article we discussed what all things to keep in mind before buying a poster online.

Here are some additional guidelines to consider when buying posters and art prints online:

Types of Posters and Art: When shopping for posters and art prints online, you'll find a wide variety of styles and types to choose from. Some popular options include:

  • Fine art prints: These are high-quality reproductions of famous paintings, drawings, and photographs.
  • Movie and music posters: These posters often feature images and designs inspired by popular films, TV shows, and musicians.
  • Inspirational posters: These posters often feature motivational quotes or inspiring images.
  • Abstract art prints: These prints feature non-representational designs and patterns.
  • Vintage posters: These are reproductions of vintage advertisements, travel posters, and other retro designs.

Frame Types: When it comes to framing your posters and art prints, there are a few options to consider. Some popular frame types include:

  • Wood frames: These frames are classic and versatile, and can be stained or painted to match your decor.
  • Metal frames: These frames have a sleek, modern look and are often used for minimalist or industrial-style decor.
  • Acrylic frames: These frames are lightweight and have a clean, contemporary look.

What Size of Posters You Should Buy:

The size of your poster or art print will depend on several factors, including the size of the wall where it will be displayed and the style of the room. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Small posters (11x17 inches or smaller) are great for adding a pop of color to small spaces like bathrooms or entryways.
  • Medium-sized posters (18x24 inches) are a good choice for bedrooms or home offices.
  • Large posters (24x36 inches or larger) are ideal for living rooms or other large spaces.

How to Determine the Sizes:

Size guide for posters |Buy online

Size tips for wall posters

To determine the right size for your poster or art print, start by measuring the wall where it will be displayed. If you're not sure what size will work best, you can use a measuring tape or online size calculator to get a better idea of how the poster or art print will look in your space. Keep in mind that you'll want to leave some empty space around the artwork to avoid a cluttered look.

By following these guidelines, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect posters and art prints for your home or office. Remember to take your time and consider all the factors before making a purchase, and don't be afraid to reach out to the seller if you have any questions or concerns.

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