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The 10 Hardest Things About Coming Up With A Post

1. Staring at an empty screen until your eyes water and still not being able to come up with a fun topic that people will want to read and share.

2. Googling random things in the hope that someone somewhere will be able to help you out.

3. Finding things NOBODY should ever see during the aforementioned googling.

4. Realizing that googling isn’t a word.

5. Coming up with a cool title but not having enough content.

6. Wanting to do a picture post but not being able to find what you exactly want.

7. Finding out that someone already wrote a post on the same topic you’ve almost completed writing about.

8. Reading what you’ve written and thinking to yourself why in God’s name would anyone read that.

9. Thoroughly researching a topic and working on it for hours, only to see that nobody has liked your post :(

10. Seeing someone write a post exactly like yours, except with ten times more likes and comments.

Now go like this, NOW.


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