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I understand that this is PosterGully’s first blog post. I also realize that this has to be Epic. But what if this is also my first attempt at blogging? What if my pen hasn't wielded in ages? I don’t know! All I’ll be trying to do is help you understand that The Name of The Rose is merely a blip on an otherwise uninterrupted downward trajectory. *Oh no, Trainspotting! You aren't a perfect muse*

Let’s cut to the point. It’s been more than 3 wonderful months of PosterGully madness. There have been ups, there have been downs. So much's been happening, that we thought why not let our visitors know what went into the making of PG, what we are doing right now and what is in store for them in the coming weeks!

See, the idea behind PosterGully was not to create just another web store where you shop, and move on. Instead we wanted you to take an enthralling walk into this gully and feel alive.

Since Day 0, we’ve constantly been working on creating an experience for our customers- Be it through engaging content, ease of checkout or a kickass interface. We have got some rave reviews on our customer service. “You reverted to me at the speed of light”, said one. And I want to reassure you that it is only going to get better. Our funda at PG is simple- ‘Everyone hates being sold to; we all prefer to buy.’ We never sell. We help you buy.

We want to evolve into the more fundamental and trusted role of advisor for Posters, Art Prints and Merchandise throughout India. We want to help you decide which should be the first Poster to get to your wall, because we believe it’s important. We want to inspire you to find your identity and believe in your idea of who you are and what you love.  In short, we want PG to be the place to be! If you have a crazy streak, you are the most welcome here. And if you don’t, you just ‘think’ you don’t. We are a unique community in the making and the story of our making is worth telling. Hence, the blog.

“Why blog?” asked a lesser-PG. Du-h! Coz we love to talk. 

So what should you expect from this blog? Anything. Everything.  It could be some exciting insight on our love for Music, Movies and life in general, or a peep into our crazy day@ work, or how we enjoyed a lager beer with our customer or even random blabber on which came first- the chick or the egg?

In the coming months you will see a lot of interesting things happening! Stay tuned folks. 


Team @ PosterGully

Feels good to be loved!



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