10 Reasons Lana Del Rey is Amazing

#1. Her beautiful, sophisticated old Hollywood look. 1) Her beautiful, sophisticated old Hollywood look

If you showed a picture of her to someone who didn’t know who she is, I am sure nine out of ten people would peg her to be a star or a First Lady from the fifties. The winged eye liner, pouty lips, bouffant… what’s not to love?

#2. Despite being sophisticated, she can be so cute! 2) Despite being sophisticated, she can be so cute!

Lana has shown glimpses of a playful, real side of herself often during performances with little expressions and gestures. She is known for being nervous before big performances even though she is so famous. This makes her even more beautiful because it shows that there is a real person under all the glamour, and this only makes her fans adore her even more. Oh, and one of her alter egos is “Sparkle Jump Rope Queen”– how much cuter can she get?

#3. She’s badass. 3) She's badass

So we already covered sophisticated and cute. Turns out she oozes coolness too.  Word on the block is, she is also known as Gangster B***h in musical circles.

#4.The fame hasn’t gone to her head. 4) The fame hasn't gone to her head

Lana’s music has already gone platinum in her relatively short professional music career. She has millions of fans around the world. Her concerts get sold out in the blink of an eye. And yet, she remains one of the humblest celebrities in Hollywood.
She is known to regularly interact with her fans around shows as well as otherwise. And she always looks genuinely thrilled to pieces to meet them!

#5. Her music comes from the heart. 5) Her music comes from the heart

From various different interviews about her music (all of which she writes by herself) it is readily apparent that all of it is written by drawing on personal experiences. It’s easy to see the personal nature of her music by the numerous occasions and how emotional she sometimes gets while performing.
In the artist’s own words, “I never say anything just to rhyme over sugary pop songs. I really care about documenting my life in a musical fashion.”

#6. Her amazing voice. 7) Her lyrics and videos are super creative

Lana Del Rey’s voice is quite unlike any other singer’s. A person who has heard a couple of songs can instantly tell if a Lana number comes on the radio. Husky and passionate, this lovely singer’s voice is a treat for the ears.

#7. Her lyrics and videosare super creative. 6) Her amazing voice

Her lyrics are poignant and unique, and her videos creative.Her music videos are aesthetically brilliant while also being poetic, symbolic, and effectively conveying the emotion of the song.

#8. Her hands. 8) Her hands

Now, hold up before you label me a freak, and take a look for yourself. She has really pretty fingers, doesn’t she?! And that tattoo and those nails are so funky and edgy.

#9. She loves her country. 9) She loves her country

An unusual trait among show biz celebs – she is very patriotic. This American singer incorporates strong themes of her homeland in various songs of hers.
She has also included the American flag in her music videos, and in several photographs and photoshoots.
She has also sported different outfits with an American flag pattern between her 2008 days as a stage performer to now as an international star.

#10. Her overall goddess-like aura. 10) Her overall goddess-like aura

That ethereal beauty – not just physical, but in every aspect.

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