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5 Great Sentences From The Congress Supremo, Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Some of the brilliant things said by the Vice President of the Indian National Congress. Before you read any further, the author would like to tell you that Mr Rahul Gandhi has done hi M.Phil. from Trinity College, Cambridge and BA from Rollins College. Hence we know that he is thoroughly educated and still he can produce great statements like these:

1) Politics is everywhere, it’s in your shirt, and it’s in your pants. 

Yes Mr Rahul Gandhi. I can see my sweat beads contesting elections for the various areas of my body to decide which side of my shirt and pant will each party wet and for how long.

2) Rani ki Jhansi. She is a hero. 

Poor Jhansi ki Rani would have been rolling in her grave right now. The amounts of bravery she had shown during her time was huge. And here Respected Rahul Gandhi has addressed to her as a Rani ki Jhansi.

3) Hindustan eksochhai….Hindustan ekjagahhai….magar Hindustan eksochhai.

I don’t even have the words to describe what he said. Poor oratory skills Mr.Rahul Gandhi.

4) Poverty is a state of mind. If you have confidence you will overcome it. 

This is such a disgrace and demeaning to all those poor people of India. They work hard for each and every day of their lives trying to secure at least two square meals a day, while Mr Rahul Gandhi here lavishes at home with at least a dozen servants waiting for him to order his delicacies.

5) India is bigger than Europe and United States put together. 

I think Mr Gandhi did not do very well in his Geography exams. India is smaller than United States and Europe separately and here he talks about India being bigger than both combined.

Well what can we say Mr Gandhi; Such statements and such speeches not only give people a chance to make jokes on you, they also make your weaker and kind of stupid side come out into the public. You are one of the very few “youth” politicians in our country and when such words are spoken not only we lose our hope in the politics of India but your party is portrayed as a narcissistic party without any qualms for all the damage that has been done to the country and blatantly speaking nonsense out in the open, even after knowing that the actual youth of India is now awakened and does know what is going on and is not oblivious to all your wrongdoings.

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